ICF Installers

ICF Installers

Get access to ICF installers for your home at VSBS

Be it for a house or commercial building every construction is equally important.  We all know how much time and effort it takes to achieve the shape it is in now. That’s why at VSBS we offer ICF installation services. We have experience in ICF contracting which is an alternative build method to block timber and work-frame. This method has provided promising results in the low energy requirements in the extensions and new builds. Thus, dramatically growing in the demand. At VSBS, our ICF installers are very optimistic and strongly believe that every problem has a solution, no matter how complex it is. We here are very happy to guide our customers so that they can achieve ultimate satisfaction from their construction. If you have any ICF house construction, renovation, remodeling, building projects, or extensions in Dublin. Don’t hesitate; feel free to approach us for the service; we would be more than happy to be a part of your dream house construction team.

Why choose Insulated Concrete formwork by VSBS?

At VSBS, we have a specialization in ICF contracting. It is an alternative building method of timber frame and blockwork. The building that is constructed by our ICF installers will achieve a higher level of sound, fire, and thermal performance standards in comparison to the traditional construction methods. Besides it cost much less in comparison to the performance than any other building system available in the market at present. If you want to construct a house that meets the building rules and regulations for junction thermal, airtightness, and other requirements for the A3 rated house according to the fixed standard.

What are the benefits of ICF?

Insulating Concrete Formwork is a highly favorable method of construction in which lightweight and hollow insulation forms are fit and set together before it is filled with the concrete. This concrete sets and solidifies the strong structure or foundation, while formwork remains intact in its place and performs an action like the layer of insulator. If you want to achieve a similar type of feature in your house too, then you can approach us for the services by giving us a call or email.