Renolit Alkorplan Roofing

Versatile, durable, and high quality sustainable Renolit-alkorplan-PVC-flat-roofing membrane

Renolit has set a trend for the synthetic roofing material in Europe for over four decades. This innovative roof system is used and accepted across the world for renovation and new construction projects. At VSBS we recommend Renolit’s new warm roofs to meet many demands and requirements of installers, facility managers, and installers. The potential of Renolit-alkorplan products is renowned for their reliability, durability, and versatility. If you are looking for a roofing replacement then turn to Renolit-alkorplan as they are represented as an extremely sustainable solution at the time.

Why choose Renolit-alkorplan PVC products?

In contrast to the other plastic materials, PVC has the lowest cost of production. At present environmentalists are planning to reduce the consumption or place a permanent ban on the consumption of plastic. In this context, Renolit-alkorplan can turn out to be the best alternative membrane for the waterproofing of the roof. Apart from the durability of the roofing installed with Renolit-alkorplan Single Ply membrane, you can estimate the sustainability of the product from its years-long life and low carbon footprint. Thus for the production of new goods, the impact on the environment is quite low. If you are looking for a cost-effective thermoplastic PVC roofing membrane that is suitable for flat, vertical, and curved roofs, then you should choose Renolit-alkorplan products blindly.

Alkorplan adhered system provides a non-penetration feature to the roofing, especially from the desk surface. In the situation where mechanical fixing is quite difficult, replacement of the roof with Renolit-alkorplan will make it difficult for the dirt and water to adhere to the roofing membrane.

Why you should choose VSBS for the support?

At VSBS we offer all-around services to our customers. Therefore if you are looking for the proper waterproofing system for the newly built and refurbishment project, then approach us we have direct contact with the Renolit-alkorplan professionals who will come to your location and help you by positioning a separate waterproofing layer on your existing roofing system. For more information, you can call or email us at

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Choose Rhenofol PVC Flat roof membrane for the new and replacement of your roofing system

Do you want an economic roofing membrane? Then you should choose Rhenofol PVC flat roof membrane, it has proven itself for decades in construction.  Irrespective of the type of weather Rhenofol PVC flat roof membrane can be laid down quickly. All credit goes shortest possible lead times, which it consumes for practical laying and completing the range of the product, which ensures work on the site complete rapidly. If you want a new warm roof or looking for the replacement of the existing roof then you should contact VSBS. We are the legitimate contact of Rhenofol for the customers.

Why you should choose Rhenofol?

Rhenofol flat roof membrane is flexible, and versatile in terms of length, color, width, and easy installation. Two versions of Rhenofol are available that is Rhenofol CV and Rhenofol CG. At VSBS we strive to explain Rhenofol products to build awareness among the people.  In simple words, the Rhenofol system is a certified product according to ISO standards and makes a viable contribution to sustainability.

Whatever may be your plan Rhenofol ensures you the fit of your choice: non-ventilated or ventilated roof, cold or warm roof, for mechanical fastening with ballast or non-ballast. The Rhenofol and its family of special material properties are the perfect settings for the different roof and requirement constructions.

Unlike other PVC membranes, Rhenofol single-ply roofing membrane enjoys more than three decades of green roofing credentials and its performance is guaranteed. Therefore if you are looking for an effective solution for the economical or flat method of installation in bad weather conditions, then Rhenofol is the solution. For the installation of Rhenofol, you don’t need any preparation because its system virtually has everything to complete the roof and we offer the design assistance based on our 25 years of experience. Once Rhenofol is available at the site, you can almost start the installation irrespective of the weather condition. At VSBS we follow the economic method of fixing the roofing either adhesive or mechanical attachments, the quality associated with all the systems by VSBS, ensures you that the work will be completed according to the schedule.